Patient Participation Group

The Southsea Medical Centre welcomes constructive criticism from our patients. We have recently established a Patient Participation Group. This is a group of patients who wish to become more involved in practice decision making, supporting the Practice and facilitating communication between you, the patients, and the Practice Team.

If you would like to contribute to the Patient Participation Group please contact the surgery on 023 9285 1199 for more information.

To be sure that Southsea Medical Centre continues to provide the high level of service that patients expect from their medical centre we ask that you provide us with some feed back. We will be engaging with our patients in a number of ways, these include the Patient Participation Group, Patient Reference Group, complaints process, suggestions from patients and by the use of surveys.



Patient Survey 2013/14

Patient Participation Report 2013/14

2012 - 2013 Patient Survey

Please find below the Southsea Medical Centre Patient Participation report – if you have any questions about the report please contact the Practice Manager

Patient Participation Report